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About David Wilson

It could be said that David Wilson was “Born to Build”.  David, who was born into a building family in 1962, in the small community of Wamego Kansas, learned the business from his father Duane Wilson who learned it from his father Jesse Wilson.

As a third generation builder, David started learning the business at a very young age cleaning up around his father’s projects.  As the years went by he graduated from laborer to carpenter and eventually project manager.  David said, “In those days we built the entire home ourselves, everything from preparing the site, pouring the concrete, framing and siding the structure, installing the plumbing, electrical and mechanical, to all the drywall, painting, trim work, flooring and cabinetry.”  

“Today the building industry is constantly evolving and becoming more complex.  With all of the wonderful new technologies and expanding rules and regulations, we rely on experienced professionals in each of the construction industries to help us keep up with the latest technologies and industry standards.  We strive to build a rock solid home that will not only stand the test of time but also do it with elegance.  Couple that with energy efficiency and you have a home that you always want to come home to.”

In the mid 1980’s, David worked as a Building Manager for a 150 unit apartment complex performing repairs and maintenance while attending the Denver Institute of Technology.  In 1987 David graduated from the Denver Institute of Technology’s “Associate of Applied Science Degree in Architectural/Structural Design” program with a 3.7 GPA. He was honored for “Outstanding Leadership” while also being awarded membership in the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.

In 1989, after a short time working at a commercial hand railing company designing handrail for large Industrial structures and Buildings, David took a position at a renowned Structural Engineering firm in Denver, Colorado.  There his duties as a Engineering Technician included work on many large commercial and residential projects including Schools, Churches, Recreational facilities, Municipal buildings, Military facilities, Multi-family Housing projects and Broadcast Antenna Tower structures.

In 1997 David started his own architectural design business and has been continually providing design services ever since.  In 1999 David and his wife Milissa moved to Wimberley, Texas.  After many requests by his design customers, David decided in 2008 that it was time to provide complete building services starting with design and continuing through the construction process.

Working with David is an unique experience.  With his extensive knowledge of construction along with an excellent eye for design and detail, David personally works with our customers to design and build a Home that expresses the clients individual tastes, desires and needs.

David enjoying his favorite sport
Competitive Bass Fishing